365 – Week 13

April 3, 2017


[85/365] Brother from another mother.


[86/365] Anything you can do, I can do better.


[87/365] I see this moment play out half a hundred times a day and it always unfolds the same way. Arlo’s eyes lock onto something awesome, something of brother’s. Silas sees Arlo heading for it and gets angry at him for even thinking about it. There’s some tugging and pulling and screaming. Three minutes later they’re playing again, always looking for the next thing to fight over.


[88/365] Surely I’m not the only parent out there who actually ENJOYS going to the dentist. Hours of being able to sit and do NOTHING, no snacks to make, no fights to break up, no tears to wipe, no need to talk at all. It’s basically a mini-vacation!


[89/365] My kids would NEVER act like that!


[90/365] Party Tricks


[91/365] Just Saturday.