A Pandemic Birth – Guam Birth Photography Video

July 3, 2020

Guam Birth Photography Video – Hooo boy! This birth was all kinds of Firsts. First baby for my lovely clients. First cesarean birth I’ve attended. First scheduled birth I’ve attended (didn’t hate that part!). First time there was no laboring for me to photograph. First time I couldn’t shoot the actual birth. First birth I’ve attended in the midst of a pandemic. First time I wasn’t sure if I’d even be allowed in the hospital!

Because I had never shot a scheduled c-section before and my clients were told that I wouldn’t be allowed in the OR with them, I wasn’t sure how much there would actually be for me to shoot before and after baby was born. The original plan was for me to meet them at their house the morning of the birth to photograph them getting ready before heading to the hospital, but that idea was axed when we learned it would mean meeting them at like 4:30am. Plan B was for me to meet them the evening before to shoot a bit of their last night together. It turns out that there was plenty for me to shoot at the hospital but I really loved hanging out with them the night before, so much so that I’ll likely offer it to any future scheduled c-section clients too.

The birth itself was fantastic. I handed one of my cameras to Dad before he went into the OR; the images in the middle of their video are all shot by him. Amazing job, right? Not only are they in focus, but the composition is top notch. I also asked him to record audio in the OR because I already had some ideas about how I would tell their baby’s birth story without being able to shoot it. I am so happy with the results. This gallery and video feels no less epic than any other birth gallery or video. This video gives me the same chills that other birth videos give me. And most important, my clients are thrilled.

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