Baby Anthony – Tacoma Birth Photographer

August 24, 2013

The birth of baby Anthony was the first I attended as a photographer. I’m no stranger to the birthing process, having watched my mom give birth at home to six of my siblings. It was also fitting that the first birth I photograph be a homebirth; my mom is now a homebirth midwife and I gave birth to my son at home.  Rebekah and I ‘met’ online through mutual friends in a local parenting group and I approached her about photographing her birth two weeks before she was due. She took a huge leap of faith in letting me attend her birth (and share the pictures) because I had no examples of my work to show her.

A week after her due date, Rebekah called me with news that today was probably the day. When her midwife arrived, she was already at 8cm. When I arrived that evening, she was at 9cm and I found her in her backyard, jumping on a trampoline. Rebekah had doubts that she was really in labor (along with most of us in attendance) until she was actually pushing. It was pretty incredible to watch her body do what it knew how to do so well. Around 9pm, she was in the birthing tub with her hypnosis tracks on and water broken and nearly 45 minutes later, she had delivered baby Anthony. I wouldn’t have believed labor could look so easy if I hadn’t been there to witness it myself. It was a pretty great way to kick off my birth photography journey. Welcome to the world baby Anthony!

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