Baby Keenan – Tacoma Birth Photographer

August 11, 2013

My journey into birth photography started while I was in labor with my first son. I thought about hiring a photographer, but put it off until it was too late. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know too much about it, so I figured my mom’s ‘nice camera’ would get me the same results. Not so much.  No one knew how to use it and so many of the pictures were blurry and out of focus. At that point, it was pretty set that I’d eventually get into photographing births myself. A year and a half later, I started to really see improvement in my work and found out my sister was pregnant again. She would be my first birth! Only, she’s still pregnant and I’ve already photographed two.

I attend my local chapter of the La Leche League and in May, I decided to buck up and approach one of the other regulars who was several months pregnant. She said yes when I asked her if I could photograph her birth! What a leap of faith on her part. I had no business, hardly any pictures in my portfolio and no experience photographing births, but she was willing to invite me into one of the most intimate moments of her family’s life. While I ended up attending one birth before hers, I still can’t thank her enough for having a little bit of faith in me.

I was supposed to meet Shannon at her home around 1am to shoot a little bit of her laboring there as long as possible before heading to the hospital, but as I was getting in my car, she texted to meet at the hospital. When I got there, Shannon, her husband and doula, Patti Ramos, were waiting in the ER for a room, so I pulled out my camera and started shooting.

I was so excited by the time the sun came up when she finally had her baby in her arms. She had set out to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and was successful. I am so glad that she has these photos as a reminder of her own strength and triumph. Congratulations Shannon and Tom!

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