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August 17, 2016


It’s hard for me to believe, but we’ve flow past the halfway point of this year and are now hurtling toward the fall. It’s been nearly 8 months since I began mentoring and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it has been for me. Each new student that comes through my figurative doors pushes me more than I’ve been able to push myself. Going into this, I thought I knew why I did the things that I did from the way I shoot and the way I edit to the way I run my business, but looking back I think I was only mostly there. Taking on students very quickly forced me to define those ‘whys’ and pushed me to figure out what has actually been working for me and what hasn’t.

My favorite days mentoring are the ones when my students have their ‘Aha!’ moments, when the dots start to connect and when those concepts and skills that have been dangling just out of reach are finally grasped. Those days are the ones that drive me to learn all of everything. If I don’t have an answer for your question, you’d better believe that I will search for that answer. I am constantly humbled by the trust my students put in me to find the answers to their questions and to push them forward on their photography journeys.

It’s hard to show just how much my students grow after a few weeks with me. Even if I were to show you the difference in their work from when we start and when we end, you wouldn’t see the huge conceptual leaps that are made or the confidence they gain in their work. Below you’ll find some words from a few of my students about their experiences working with me. Read what they have to say and imagine the same incredible growth for yourself!

Are you looking for a boost, but still not quite ready to sign up for long-term mentoring? I’m excited to announce that you can now get a taste of working with me by signing up for a Portfolio Review. When you sign up for a Portfolio Review, you’ll be able to submit up to 20 images for detailed feedback on technique, composition, lighting, moment, editing and creativity. We’ll discuss the purpose of your portfolio, taking into account your vision and your intended audience, and focus on creating a cohesive body of work. I’ll help you come up with concrete strategies to strengthen your images and your unique voice. I love teaching more than I thought I could and by offering Portfolio Reviews, I will be able to reach more of you without sacrificing the quality of information and advice I give. Email me at to find out more about how I can help you reach your goals today!


Lifestyle Photography Mentor Testimonial

Lifestyle Photography Mentoring Testimonial

Lifestyle Photography Portfolio Review


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