Meet Your Brother – Tacoma Fresh 48 Photographer

May 21, 2014

You’ll often hear photographers comment on how amazing it feels to be hired by other photographers and now I know why. Chelsea is a local photographer with gorgeous work and I was definitely flattered and excited when she asked me to photograph her baby when they came home from the hospital. Fresh 48 sessions are shorter than newborn sessions and usually take place where the baby was born, but they can also be used to document bringing the baby home or meeting siblings who didn’t visit at the hospital or birth center. As long as they are scheduled for sometime during the first 2 days after birth, they can take place wherever you’d like. This session was meant to capture the first morning home from the hospital and the budding relationship between a fresh newborn and his big brother. Baby Ryker spent most of the time nursing or sleeping as most newborns do and Asher spent his time hanging on Dad’s lap. It was important to Chelsea to have these early days documented just as they were, slowing down and adjusting to being a family of four and I’m glad I could do that for her.

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