Whether it's your first or fifth, a new baby always means big changes to life as you know it. Celebrate this baby with photos that show the real impact they had on your life from before their very first breath.

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MATERNITY sessions

Savor those last few months of uninterrupted conversations and quiet afternoons before baby with a maternity session that will remind you of this pregnancy.

Prep the nursery, assemble baby gear, fold teeny tiny baby socks, enjoy a meal before it gets cold, or just relish in a daily routine that will soon be turned upside down.

A different kind of maternity session.

Preserve the quiet calm and weeks of anticipation before your new baby arrives. 


Newborn sessions

Ehhh, probably not all of it. There's a lot of hard stuff, a lot of putting your head down and just getting through it during the first weeks of parenting a new little person.  

But I can make sure you don't forget the good stuff. The early days of sibling bonding, the snuggles and swaddles, the tiniest kisses and biggest yawns. 

Stay home, put your feet up and let me take care of documenting the blur that is life with a newborn. 


You'll miss it when
they're older

Sit back and relax

Between juggling cups of coffee and baby bottles and the never ending eat-sleep-poop cycle, your newborn session should add exactly zero stress to your plate. I want you to do nothing but snuggle your new human when I'm there. You don't even have to get out of bed if you don't want to.

Ditch the wraps and baskets

We'll focus on documenting all of the amazing firsts and changing family dynamics and we do that with baby in your arms and
you in your home. 

Include the whole family

No one is more popular than a baby who finally decides to be born. I can make sure you'll never forget when your kids, parents, pets, and friends lined up to meet your bundle of joy.

Don't worry about tears

Baby cries the whole time? It's cool. I can still get what I need to deliver a beautiful gallery for you. And while the goal is for you to cry when you see your photos and video, if you happen to cry during the session (hormones after birth are a bitch), it's still totally fine. 

Make Newborn Photos the easiest part of having a baby

I can’t stop smiling looking at the photos. I’m glad we were able to find Kayla to capture these precious moments. My husband who typically doesn’t like photoshoots said it was the easiest one we’ve done. Kayla was so easy to work with and connected so well with the kids.

"It was the easiest photoshoot we've done"

- Peachy P.

- Jenni D.

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

- Jenni D.

Kind words


Your stress-free session awaits


We chat.

Fill out my contact form or send me an email and let me know about the memories you can't afford to forget.

If you have extra questions or concerns, we can hop on the phone or a video call.


We plan.

After you have a spot on my calendar, I'll send you a questionnaire to learn a whole lot about you, your family, and the things that make your life awesome right now. 

We'll work together to come up with a few activities and the perfect location for your session (sometimes this is your home, sometimes it's not).


We play.

During your session there will be a ton of playing, talking, laughing. It will mostly feel like we're just hanging out together. 

Sessions last 1-2 hours and when we're done, at least one person will say, "That was easy!"


We cry.

2-3 weeks after your session you'll be able to watch your slideshow (with tissues in hand) and decide which package you want to purchase. All packages include digital images and a gift credit to use in your personalized print shop. 


Rinse & repeat.

You'll stare at the photos on your wall every time you walk by. Your kids will obsessively flip through the album you had printed. And you'll start making a mental list of new moments you need me to save for you during your next session.


Maternity and newborn photo sessions require a $250 session fee each to book.

Packages start at $350 and are purchased after you see (and fall in love with) your photos. 

Session Fee + Packages

Ready for newborn photos so dang good they'll make you cry?