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Work with Me

Photo: Colie James Photography

If you're ready to take more meaningful photos of your family's everyday lives or you dream about shooting storytelling sessions for clients, then I'm your girl.

It took me an embarrassingly long time and a lot of frustration to get where I am because I rarely sought out help. It doesn't have to be that way for you. Keep scrolling for the details and then let's get started!

Become a Storyteller

Tell compelling stories with your photographs

Document the everyday in a way that speaks to you and your viewers

Incorporate storytelling photography into your business so you can stand out in a saturated market

Refine your business and marketing practices to bring in new clients and keep your old ones

Find the motivation and inspiration to shoot often

And So. Much. More.

When you hire me as your mentor, you'll learn how to…

Starting from the beginning? Learn more about my self-paced online workshop. 

Your time spent mentoring with me is completely tailored to your short and long-term goals through week long sessions. For beginner to advanced photographers.



Do you live in or around San Diego County? Let's chat about an in-person mentoring session! 1:1 and group rates available.


In-person mentoring starts at $150/HR

2 weeks $300
4 weeks $550
6 weeks $800

MAking awesome pictures workshop

How do I know we're a good fit?

I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out before we begin so I know what you’re hoping to gain from working with me. Sometimes I know that I’m not the best teacher for you. I don’t want to take money from you if I know you want to learn posing or studio lighting when I have very limited experience in those areas. 

How is the online mentoring set up?

My mentoring takes place in a private online forum that only you and I have access to. I check in daily during our weeks together to answer any questions you've posted, give feedback on your images, and give the occasional exercise. We focus on one main topic per week but off-topic questions can be asked and answered at any time. Most students prefer to work for 1-2 weeks and then take a break before resuming. 

What kind of time commitment is required?

Less than an hour per day for shooting and checking in. The more time you put in, shooting and asking questions, the more you’ll get out of our time together.

Maybe! If you prefer to go at a slower pace or only anticipate needing feedback from me sporadically, my Making Awesome Pictures online workshop might be a better fit for you. If you know you learn better with someone walking you through every step, one-on-one mentoring might be your best option.


Working with Kayla was such a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed every single day of the mentoring, got tons of information, clear guidelines and honest answers to my (really) long list of questions.

"Working with Kayla was a breath of fresh air"

- Romana M.

"Never did I expect to gain so much knowledge in such a short amount of time! After completing just two weeks of mentoring I was hooked...and came back for a few additional weeks! I would highly recommend this mentoring experience for photographers of all ability levels."

"For photographers of all ability levels"

- Cara B.

The decision to work with Kayla as my mentor was worth every single penny. I have taken a few online courses before but none of them was so rewarding. She shared so much of her knowledge and experience with me in an open and honest way. None of my questions were left without her answer.

"Worth every single penny"

- Edyta W.



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