10 on 10 – April 2019

April 9, 2019

When we first moved to this lovely little island, we went to the beach weekly. And then I got pregnant. And then the morning sickness hit like it was trying prove a point. It was relentless and kept me home bound for a good two months. Sitting in the car was guaranteed to make the nausea worse so that meant no beach trips until I started feeling better. My beautiful tan was all but faded by the time I hit 15 weeks and was no longer throwing up after every meal. We were finally able to enjoy a day at the beach and accidentally stayed a couple of hours longer than we intended. Oops, I guess, but also #sorrynotsorry.

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Guam Tarague Family Photographer Kids
Guam Family Photographer Guam Tarague Beach
Guam Tarague Family Photographer Toddler
Guam Family Photographer Tarague Beach
Guam Family Photographer Snorkeling in Guam
Guam Tarague Family Photographer Andersen Air Force Base
Guam Tarague Family Photographer
Guam Lifestyle Family Photographer
Guam Tarague Family Photographer Tarague Beach
Guam Tarague Family Photographer Playing in sand

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