10 on 10 – November 2019

November 9, 2019

Oh haaaay! It’s birthday month over here. More on that next 10 on 10, just wanted to make sure no one forgets. It’s also our one-year-on-Guam anniversary this week despite it feeling like we’ve only been here for a few months. Crazy!

October has been a month. My mom went back home and all of a sudden the kids outnumbered the adults. It hasn’t been tooooo bad. It also hasn’t been too good either. Just somewhere in between. Yara hates the car, but no longer screams 100% of the time. We’re down to about 40%. She loves the bath. Love love loves it. So much that she screams when you take her out and dry her off. Cool thing though, this means that she also loves the warm beach water so I anticipate that we’ll be spending lots of free time there. At six weeks old now, she’s smiling and cooing like a real person but is still completely unpredictable. Will she nap for ten hours today or four? Nobody knows. It’s fine though. Steve started his paternity leave shortly after my mom left so the house hasn’t completely fallen apart yet.

October also meant Halloween. You guys. For four years we lived in a country that didn’t really celebrate Halloween. The boys would participate in a small trunk-o-treat put on by other military families stationed at our teeny tiny base. Before that, we lived in Tacoma and since Silas was too small to really get into trick-or-treating, we would just take him to the storefronts that handed out candy. This was the first year since having kids that Halloween was a big deal and let me tell you, our neighborhood did not disappoint. There were hordes of people. We ran out of candy to hand out in 15 minutes. The boys got so much candy that their pillowcases were dragging on the ground by the time we got back home (and I was able to snag a bunch to pass back out without them noticing). As hard as it is living on this island sometimes, seeing the community, our community, out on Halloween made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe that was just the humidity.

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