A Springy Saturday – San Diego Lifestyle Family Videography

May 8, 2018

San Diego Lifestyle Family Videography

Sometimes when I meet new people or I visit someone’s house for the first time, I want to run home and grab my camera. Expressive faces, displays of affection, soft light spilling into a room and striking architecture (to name just a few things) all inspire me to shoot. When I met Janelle and her family, I basically immediately started sending vibes her way to hire me for a family session. I was so drawn in by their style and happy, genuine dispositions. I could tell just by looking at them that their session would be filled with laughter and hugs and all the small, sweet moments I look for. I was determined to photograph them before they moved on to their next base. And this was all way before I saw their amazing home!

Their session exceeded all of my expectations. Cooking pancakes (I still have kitchen envy), gardening in the soft light of an overcast day, reading and playing in the living room, wrapped up with some good ol’ fashioned wrestling on the giant beanbag. I dare you not to smile when you watch the video.

San Diego Lifestyle Family photo and video
San Diego Lifestyle Family Photography session  in home
San Diego Lifestyle Family Videography

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