Pacific Beach – San Diego Storytelling Family Photographer

July 17, 2019

San Diego Storytelling Family Photographer

The first time I met Ariel may have been during her family session earlier this summer, but her and I have been ‘Facebook friends’ for some time now. We bonded over all things photography, baby wearing, breastfeeding and home birth. It also just so happens that my mom was her midwife. I kind of just wanted to hang out with her and talk on the day of her session, but alas, that’s not what I was there for.

Ariel’s session started with ice cream and ended on the pier in one of my favorite beach neighborhoods in San Diego (Pacific Beach if you’re not from arouuuund here). I look at these images and fantasize about living there in the distant future and doing exactly what they did everyday. On this mild, overcast day, with one child still in a cast, the sandy beach was off limits. This family was meant to live at the beach and telling any one of them that they could look, but not touch was almost torturous.  I look forward to seeing this perfect little family again on my next trip to the states when all broken bones are healed and we can throw some sand around and splash in the salty water, planning extra time to just hang out and talk of course.

If you’ve been wishing that your annual family photo sessions could suck a little less, if you’re a little storytelling-curious, we can ease you into it with an out-of-home session. Imagine all of the wonderful parts of an in home session (no stiff or awkward posing, only real live memories) without needing to clean up your house first.

San Diego Storytelling Family Photography Baked Bear Pacific Beach
San Diego Lifestyle Family Photography Ice cream shop
San Diego Lifestyle Family Photographer Pacific Beach, SD
San Diego Storytelling Family Photography Pacific Beach Pier
San Diego Documentary Family Photographer Pacific Beach, SoCal

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