Second Pregnancy, Month 7

June 4, 2015


Only two more months to go! At this point it’s hard to ignore the massive impact being pregnant is having on my life. My belly is constantly getting in the way. I can’t just suck it in and squeeze past anything anymore. It’s also getting progressively harder to breathe. The baby is up so high my lungs simply have no room to do their job. My stomach is rather squished these days as well. I’m constantly walking a fine line between being starving and that overly full, have-to-unbutton-your-pants-to-breathe feeling. It’s a real struggle. The nausea seems to be making a comeback as well. Not cool.

Aside from those inconveniences, I’m feeling pretty great physically. I’m having more Braxton Hicks contractions than I had with Silas and I’m noticing that I have to slow down or take breaks more often. Mentally? Eh, it’s a lot different being pregnant with your husband and a 3 year old around versus going through it alone. As weird as it may sound, it took my husband and me months to find our groove. He was deployed during my last pregnancy so I had certain expectations this time and he needed time to adjust to me being pregnant. I’ve done this before, he hasn’t. It was a weird hurdle to navigate but I’m happy to report he’s finally picking up dirty clothes and trash off the floor so I don’t have to bend over. With Silas, my patience is definitely not where it is when I’m not pregnant. I think it’s a combination of his age and me getting tired so easily, but some days we both really struggle. Unfortunately, I know it won’t get any easier after the baby is here, so I’m really trying to savor the last bit of time when it’s just the two of us.

Other changes? Baby is constantly moving like crazy. He leaves my stomach feeling bruised on the inside some days. Hiccups are a daily, adorable occurrence. I’m still addicted to bananas, though only if they have no bruises and if they’re perfectly ripe, maybe even a day under-ripe. And I’m still eating peanut butter straight from the jar. I also look pretty ridiculous trying to get out of bed.

Goals for next month include finally getting the baby’s room set up, going through baby clothes and getting all the birth supplies together for my home birth!




Not exactly small changes.


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