Little Sophia – Tacoma Newborn Lifestyle Photography

September 12, 2014

I met this adorable family in May when they came to me for a rather amazing maternity session in downtown Tacoma and I couldn’t wait to photograph them after their baby girl arrived. Last month I was finally able to see little Sophia and her parents in the home that they’ll be moving out of soon. It’s pretty neat that years from now, Sophia will be able to see where her parents brought her home from the hospital.

During their session, I was struck by the confidence that these parents, especially Anna, had so early when it came to raising their daughter. I really don’t care how others parent, I only care that information is readily available and that parents are made aware of all of their options. These two have done their research and have unapologetically trusted their instincts and that makes me so excited! They looked like they had been parents for years when I saw them.

They’re moving to a new military base this month and I’m moving next month. As sad as I am that we didn’t know each other longer because I know we would have been great friends, I am happy to have met these wonderful people at all. Good luck with parenthood and life after your move!


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