Zurich – Family Travel Photographer

October 6, 2016


When we travel out here as a family, we have a tendency to do the same things at each new location. It’s just really fun to see how different zoos and museums are from city to city and country to country. Of course, we also like to see the main attractions in each city, but when we travel with the kids, kid activities take top priority for everyone’s sake. Zurich was no exception. We had a great time in between fits of crying (won’t say whose). Traveling with young kids is not easy, but it’s amazing how quickly I forget that and start planning another trip.

Day 1 – On the top of our list was a trip to the zoo where we found a ton of animals within arm’s reach and a ridiculous slide that Silas said wasn’t terrifying at all. The rest of the day was spent hopping on and off of trams and following Silas around the city on his photo walk.


Family Photography Travel Sessions - Zurich ZooFamliy Travel Photography Zurich


Day 2 – With the zoo done, we started on our museum tour of the city with a stop at The Swiss National Museum. We learned about Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate, Swiss watches, Swiss banks, Swiss history and so much more. After the museum, we took a train up to the Uetliberg mountain for panoramic views of the city. It was so worth pushing the stroller and dragging Silas up to the top for those views!




Day 3 – More museums. We saw living animals at the zoo so we had to round out the trip with some dead animals at the museum. When we were done there, we spent the rest of the time walking around the city, trying not to spend money and enjoying the hot-but-not-too-hot gorgeous summer weather.



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