10 on 10 – August 2019

August 10, 2019

June 29, four years ago, Arlo came flying into this world. Okay, maybe not literally flying, but he was in some kind of hurry (40 minutes from 4cm to birth, 2 pushes). Birthday celebrations are pretty low key around here, but I’m always excited to see how my kids react to the little surprises we plan for them. We usually get donuts for breakfast, open presents early, plan a fun outing with the fam, and then the birthday boy or girl gets to choose dinner. Arlo requested bacon and Lunchables this year.

June 28 I was on top of my game and made sure presents were set out, the giant ‘4’ balloon was in place and my camera was charged and easily accessible before I went to bed. All of my preparations seemed to be paying off on the big day until we pulled up to Chuck E. Cheese’s and I realized I forgot my camera at home. I don’t shoot a whole lot when we go out as a family to a busy place like that anymore, it’s just hard to find inspiration in between chasing my kids and dodging others. But of course every time I looked up, the boys were doing something SUPER cute. *sigh* I’m still a little bitter about that. Maybe next year I’ll actually be prepared? Maybe??

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