That New Baby Smell – Guam Newborn Photography Fresh 48

July 31, 2019

Guam Newborn Photography Fresh 48

What comes after birth photography, but before newborn photography? A Fresh 48 session! What exactly is a Fresh 48 session?? It’s a session done in the hospital somewhere around 12-48 hours after you deliver your bouncing baby boy or girl. Standard Fresh 48 sessions include only photographs, but you can always add video to your session like the one below. I focus on all of the teeny tiny details, the very beginnings of your relationship with this brand new little person, and the hints of personality that peek through at only a few hours old. If you have older kids or family visiting from out of town, we’ll try to schedule so I can capture their first meeting with the baby.

Oh, but what if that first magical meeting is a total flop and big sis doesn’t actually want anything to do with her new brother? No worries! The transition that comes with adding a new baby to the family isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, even here on this tropical island, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of documenting and remembering. Check out this session below if you don’t believe me. Big sis was not totally on board with baby Hunter taking up precious real estate on mom’s lap. A few years from now when they’re best friends, it will be such a neat moment to look back on, especially since Dad couldn’t be there for the birth.

When you live thousands of miles away from family, how nice would it feel to be able to share a bit of those first few hours and days with your loved ones without shelling out thousands for airfare? When you give birth in a place you might never visit again after you move (hey, my military friends in Guam, I’m looking at you), how cool would it be to have such a tangible reminder of your baby’s birth? Birth photography isn’t for everyone (if it is for you, I do that too!), but a hospital newborn session might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Guam Newborn Photography Fresh48 Naval Base Guam
Guam Newborn Photography Fresh48 Hospital Newborn Session
Guam Newborn Photography Fresh48 Naval Hospital
Guam Newborn Photography Fresh48 Guam Memorial Hospital
Guam Newborn Photography Fresh48 GMH
Guam Newborn Photography Fresh48 US Naval Hospital

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