90 Seconds – Online Lifestyle Photography Mentoring

August 1, 2016


As a storytelling photographer, it’s rare that I get straightforward portraits from my boys. None of us really have the patience for it. A few years ago, I learned about the 90 Second Challenge and found that it was the perfect marriage of my style and traditional portraits. It’s a simple idea. You sit your kid down (or whoever you want as your subject) and photograph them for 90 seconds. The result is a small gallery of subtle, or not-so-subtle, facial expressions. After doing it a few times with Silas, it fell off of my radar. I think I just forgot how quick and almost easy it is so for Arlo’s first birthday, I decided to try it again. It didn’t exactly play out how I imagined, but I’ll take it. If your kid will sit still for a couple of minutes, I highly suggest giving this a try!


Online Lifestyle Photography Mentoring - 90 second challenge baby

And here is Silas’s most recent 90 Second Challenge for good measure.

Online Lifestyle Photography Mentoring - 90 Second Challenge Kids
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