Happy Birthday – San Diego Documentary Newborn Photographer

August 22, 2016

San Diego Documentary Newborn Photographer

I really love shooting newborn sessions. Especially for first babies. Most of my sessions involve siblings or toddlers and older kids. Those are fun and busy and I love them too, but I really enjoy the slow, relaxed pace of newborn sessions. They’re predictably unpredictable. I’ll typically document a feeding or two, a diaper change, maybe a bath, some crying (mostly from the baby) and tons of cuddling. It’s what life tends to look like with a newborn, especially that first one. Maybe I like these sessions because it brings me back there, when my 4 year old was just born and I didn’t have to worry about getting someone a snack as soon as I sat down to nurse. Regardless, this session was just like that. I walked in and Rosealia was eating and her parents were prepping a bath. After a tearful bath, there was some cuddling and nursing, followed by more cuddling and a walk around the block with the dogs. Life. That’s all it was. It was a year ago and I’m finally blogging this session, so happy birthday Rosealia and congrats on making it out of this first year alive, Mom and Dad.


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