April 2021 (365)

April 30, 2021

Busybusybusybusy. It’s basically a miracle that I’m getting this post up on May 1. Between homeschooling one kid (and not even very well), school drop off and pick up for another, a 1.5 year old with a death wish, school (don’t know what I was thinking), and sessions out the wazoo, I have been running low on.. everything lately. Not quite running on fumes, but close. I have plans to take it a bit easier this summer on the business front, but the people pleaser in me has a hell of a time saying no to last minute inquiries with THE BEST sob stories. School should be easier over the summer, should be. And in the fall both boys will be back in school and riding the bus to and fro.

It always feels a little silly complaining about my busyness because half of it is actually a good thing and the other half I brought on myself. It’s hard, but it’s just a season and we’ll keep trucking along for a little bit longer. No promises that these posts keep getting published on time though.