March 2021 (365)

April 1, 2021

March, St. Patrick’s Day specifically, marks another year closer to life after the military. Since making it over the 10 year hump, it feels like things are finally speeding up. We’ve got a plan for the next few years (careful not to tell too many people because then the military will hear us and our plans will fall apart) and we have an idea of what life might look like once my husband retires from the Air Force.

In these past 12 years, we’ve been super lucky to live in some pretty cool places, but we’ve been even luckier in that my husband hasn’t had to spend time away from home very often or for very long. But it does happen and it happened to happen this month. With the rona still alive and kicking, he had to leave for a FOUR DAY training in the states, two weeks early and he’ll have at least a 7 day quarantine when he gets back on island. Sigh. Four days -> four weeks.

So we’ve been on our own for most of this month. It’s been… fiiiiine? We’re all still alive, okay? We’re alive and the house has not burned down and I’m kind of keeping on top of my work and school. I am ready to have a second adult around again to wash some dishes, maybe wipe a few butts though.