February 2021 (365)

March 2, 2021

Twelve years ago, as Steve was getting ready to join the Air Force, we decided to get married. He was set to leave on St. Patrick’s Day and we made the decision in January which left us with only a handful of weekends to choose from for our wedding date. One of those days was Valentine’s Day. Big fat NOPE. I could only imagine a lifetime of fighting for dinner reservations and flowers on every anniversary. Instead we went with February 21 and all of the clearance Valentine’s candy we could dream of.

This year marked for us one of the last years (maybe THE last) when planning something to do for our anniversary is hampered by kids (and a pandemic). As Yara gets older, leaving her with a sitter is less of a hassle and the boys, for the most part, are getting more self-sufficient. But even making our anniversary a family affair this year, it was still one of our best ones. I got my coveted picture of me and my husband with no kids. We grabbed dinner to go and spent the evening on what was essentially a private beach. I’m really looking forward to our anniversaries in the next few years, but I also wouldn’t be mad if some of them looked a lot like this year.