August 2020 (366)

September 1, 2020

August was rough, man. Guam was hit with a pretty sizeable increase in covid cases which led to another lock down. Except this one has been way more strict that our initial lock down in March and April. Even our beloved beaches are off-limits now. As I write this, it’s been almost an entire month since the kids and I have left the house.

It’s starting to get to us.

The boys, scheduled to start in-person classes last week, started remote learning. I’m not loving it this time. Yara is way more difficult to juggle in between their meetings and school work. Do I sound whiny? I feel whiny. That’s pandemic life I guess.

I’m trying to change my attitude for September when (fingers and toes crossed), we’ll be able to start doing some fun things again. Also, my baby turns 1 in less than a month!