Barcelona in 2 Minutes – Vacation Family Photographer

October 7, 2017

August is our travel month. For the past few years, it’s been the only time during the year when my husband’s work obligations and Silas’s school breaks line up and give us a few weeks to play. We’re heading into our last year of living in the Netherlands so we’re trying hard to cross off all of the cities we want to visit on our List before it becomes exponentially more difficult and expensive. This summer, Barcelona and Edinburgh (video to come!) were up.

Barcelona was hot and humid, crowded and loud, and AMAZING! We absolutely loved it. The beach water was crystal clear and so warm. The energy of the city was so relaxed and inviting. And, most importantly, we found the best tacos in the world there. We took a private tour up the coast to the city of Girona to see some of the filming locations from Game of Thrones and it was SO worth it. Can you recognize any of the locations? Think King’s Landing and Braavos in season 6. If we had time, we would go back in a heartbeat, but alas, we have too many other cities to visit and not nearly enough time. Maybe one day… Until then, I’ll just keep watching this super fun slideshow over and over.

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