90 Seconds 2017- Family Photography Mentoring

August 13, 2017


Another year, another 90 Second Challenge. That’s 90 seconds with just me, my camera and each of my boys. You’d think that shooting for only 90 seconds (180 total) would mean that I could do these at least quarterly, but no. If I can do these only once a year, then I’ll call it a win.

This year’s attempt with Arlo was so much easier than last year. He actually kind of sits when I ask him to sit and that’s pretty important for this project. Silas’s 90 seconds were a bit more challenging. He spent most of his time alternating between fake smiles and sticking his chin up because he’s too cool for school. That’s how these boys are though so I’ll take it.

PS. Holy cow, what a difference a year makes!


Family Photography Mentoring - 90sec challenge

Family Photography Mentoring - 90 seconds