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April 18, 2017

Coronado Lifestyle Family Photographer

I mentioned on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago that I recently brought a student of mine from Poland to a family Storytelling Session. The purpose of this session was to give her a chance to learn more about telling other peoples’ stories. We walked through my entire workflow (before, during and after a session) and worked through a number of common challenges using the real life examples that unfolded in front of us. When I said goodbye to her at the airport, we both agreed that it was a successful mentoring weekend. I was focused on teaching the whole time, but I ended up learning so much too! I feel like I grew so much as a teacher and I was also able to take this session as an opportunity to start incorporating video in my client sessions. My brain was fried by the end, but it was totally worth it. Check out the fusion video below!

It was a normal Saturday in the Smith house. After a week of gorgeous, sunny weather (and plans to play in the backyard), we were met with what I can only assume was a monsoon. We arrived in time for brunch. Homemade biscuits and gravy. Bacon and eggs. It really did smell as good as it looks. Oh! Did I mention that it was April Fool’s Day? The girls spent some time leaving surprises around the house while Mom and Dad slaved away in the kitchen.

After feasting, they were re-routed away from the soggy backyard and into the living room for a board game. Despite giving birth to half of the members of this family, Mom was ganged up on and lost spectacularly. Not cool, guys.

And then the endings of all endings. Mom and Dad found the April Fool’s Day traps and it was war.

Coronado Documentary Family Photographer In Home Session Cooking
Coronado Lifestyle Family Photographer In Home Session

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