Stockholm Pt 1 – Travel Photography Sessions

April 28, 2017


If you’re on my email list, then you got a brief summary of our recent trip to Stockholm in February. Okay, so maybe it was less of a summary of what we actually did and more of reflection of how hard parts of it were. Arlo was sick for all but the last day and after crying the whole plane ride there, he kept us up all night that first night. And every other night we were there.

While that was less than ideal, it really didn’t color our trip very much. We were still able to see everything we wanted to see and we all enjoyed ourselves. Everyone in Stockholm was out-of-their-way nice and super (like super super) kid friendly! It was such a pleasant surprise to feel so welcomed in a new city. Mostly we just spent our time walking around the city and going to museums, but it was one of my favorite trips so far. I like those cities that are big and busy, but not too big or too busy and Stockholm was just that. Like Goldielocks.

In that email I sent out, I talked about how I decided not to worry about documenting our trip in a particular way, that I was just going to shoot what I felt inspired by as our trip went on. So of course I ended up with like half a million pictures from our 4 day trip that I love. Even after picking only my favorites and splitting this trip into two blog posts, I still don’t have room to cover everything we did (and adding a part 3 feels a bit excessive). Enjoy and stay tuned for part 2!


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