Stockholm Pt 2 – Family Vacation Photographer Europe

May 25, 2017


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By this point in our trip, Arlo had started to feel better and we all were getting a few more hours of sleep each night. Silas was basically a saint through all of this, acting how I can only assume he acts for other adults.

Oh, can we talk about Airbnb for a second? We use it all the time since it usually means we can get an entire apartment in an amazing location for the same price or cheaper than a super small hotel room. But with a toddler? I’m starting to rethink our strategy. Each time we go on a trip, we have to spend more and more time moving vases and magazines and remotes and decor up on the highest shelves we can find, away from Arlo. That picture of all of us on the couch? The only time I could guarantee Arlo wasn’t getting into anything was when he was climbing on me to nurse (see: Arlo pulling my shirt down).

Through our whole trip, we spent equal amounts of time waiting for and riding the hop-on-hop-off bus as we did walking from island to island. On our last full day we went to Skansen, which in the brochure is described as an open-air museum, but it is actually so much more than that. There were the old workshops and demonstrations, historic buildings and model homes that we were able to explore and there was a zoo. The zoo still makes me giggle. One of the animals on display? A black house cat. And the main draw, the bears, were hibernating so we couldn’t see them but the boys didn’t care.

Sometimes I think about how much different our trips would be if we didn’t have kids with us. We could eat at the fanciest restaurants, shop without chasing anyone through the clothes racks and wait for the most popular attractions without worrying about the length of lines and the timing of naps. But then I get really honest with myself and admit that we would very likely do the same stuff we do now, maybe just with less crying. Maybe.


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