My Photography BFF – San Diego Documentary Family Photography

July 20, 2017

San Diego Documentary Family Photography

Way back when I started to get serious about photography and found myself gravitating toward documentary family photography, a friend linked me to Colie James Photography’s website. *Insert heart eyes emoji* Nicole was my photography soul mate. A few months after I started following her work, she taught a workshop ‘Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography’ and I signed up within minutes of it being announced.

That workshop was everything I could have hoped for and more. She filled in all of the gaps I had in shooting storytelling images and ruined all future workshops for me. Seriously.

Two years later, we met in person for the first time before I moved to Europe. As her workshop continued to grow, she asked me to TA for her while I was living overseas. Having the opportunity to help teach was so valuable to me. It allowed me to keep my business up and running when I couldn’t shoot sessions and started me down the path to mentoring my own students.

We’re photography BFFs.

When I made plans for a trip back to the states in May, she insisted I visit and shoot her family. And so I did just that. She’s actually the reason why I finally broke down and learned how to shoot video late last year. As the Fusion Video queen, she wanted video of HER family. Done and done.

The session was perfect. But I guess that’s to be expected when the person you’re shooting does this for a living.

San Diego In Home Family Photography - Getting ready in the morning
San Diego In Home Family Photography - brushing hair
San Diego Family Photography Bowling
San Diego Documentary Family Photography Bowling
San Diego Lifestyle Family Photography Swimming in Pool

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