A Day in the Life (Tacoma, Wa) – Part 1

February 4, 2015


Last August, yes August, I photographed another Day in the Life. There was nothing special about this day except that it was exactly one year after shooting my first Day in the Life. Shortly after I documented this day, my husband went on a work trip for a few weeks so I put editing and blogging this day on the back burner. In September I had a few client sessions and a trip to San Diego to visit my family before moving overseas and October, well October was crazy for us. Our stuff was  packed up and we focused on nothing other than our move for the rest of the month so working on these pictures got pushed back some more. These last few months after our move have been a blur of trying to settle down in a new country, first trimester fatigue and nausea and no editing.

I am finally proud to say that after almost 6 months of putting this off and thinking that I would never get around to editing this day, I am done. I really love that I photographed this Day in the Life. I think it’s my favorite of the handful that I’ve shot. It was one of the last few truly normal days for us in Tacoma. We knew about our upcoming move, but it was so far away that we were still living life as normal. It’s extremely bittersweet and it makes me miss our lives in Washington terribly. I miss waking up in that tiny house. I miss breakfasts on the weekends with my husband home in that kitchen. I miss knowing exactly how we’d spend a day when we had no plans. I know eventually we will feel that way about our home here, but this transition is hard. And because I loved this day so much, I broke it into two blog posts so I could post more of my images.

Part 1



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