Just Another Saturday – Guam Lifestyle Photography and Video

May 23, 2019

Guam Lifestyle Photography and Video

Alex and I met through a natural parenting group here on Guam. We bonded over all of my favorite crunchy topics like home birth and breastfeeding and babywearing. When it came time for her session, I had my fingers secretly crossed that it would unfold exactly as it did. As much as I love to talk about breastfeeding and babywearing and loving on our kids, I love to photograph those moments in real time even more. Baby Samson nursed on demand and stayed close to mom (I just about died when he fell asleep and kept sucking like he was still nursing). Jegan helped cook and entertain everyone, including me. It was a remarkably unremarkable and perfectly normal Saturday in the Sweeney house, filled with all of my favorite moments.

If you’re worried that you don’t do anything interesting, that your family’s normal routines would be boring to photograph or turn into a video, I’m going to stop you right there. Your session doesn’t have to be fancy. You like hanging out at home, eating, playing, reading, maybe sleeping too? Done. Storytelling photography is about preserving the real moments and emotions we encounter on a daily basis. It’s about the connections and memories you make every day. And the best way to capture those things is to just do everything you’re already doing, even if it means you don’t get out of your pajamas while I’m there. Check out this session, watch the super sweet video and believe me when I say your family is not boring.

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