My Best Friend’s Home Birth – Guam Birth Photography

May 16, 2019

Guam Birth Photography

Charla and I go waaaay back. Okay, maybe not waaaay back, but definitely way back. We met at a La Leche League meeting when our seven year olds were babies. Then again at a babywearing meetup. And we finally decided to be friends when we ended up in the same attachment parenting group. I promise I wasn’t stalking her.

After I moved to the NL, she came out to visit us in Europe and I made the trek back to Washington to visit her (and lots of other friends too!). We managed to stay in contact through my next pregnancy and then hers, despite the distance. When her due date aligned with a trip I had been loosely planning back to the states, we both took it as a sign that I would be there to photograph the birth of her daughter.

Long story short, timing worked out perfectly (I even had time to see my hairdresser and adjust to a different time zone). I met up with her while she labored during the day and went on a walk with her and the family. Everyone gave her some space for a few hours to labor without an audience and then came back in the evening when things started to pick up. Her son was there for most of the birth but like my Silas when I was delivering Arlo, it was cutting too close to bedtime and he just couldn’t hang.

It’s not my birth story to tell, but I was amazed by Charla’s strength and so incredibly happy for her when she finally delivered her daughter. This was the birth she needed and I still get chills thinking about being lucky enough to witness it firsthand.

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