March 2020 (366)

March 30, 2020

March! What happened, girl? This month started off so promising and ended, well you know how it ended. Like most of the world, we’re taking the necessary steps to flatten the coronavirus curve. For the past two weeks this has meant staying at home and *whispers in the smallest voice possible* I haven’t hated it. The boys have been doing virtual schooling, which thankfully is NOT homeschooling. All of their schoolwork and tasks are set up by their teachers and they interact either in group video chats with their class or by sending/receiving recorded videos and photos. Schooling from home gives our days some much needed structure and keeps us just busy enough to stay sane. Honestly, the transition has been pretty painless!

I’ve been getting a lot of boring, time-sucking work done. Things that have been pushed back for months and then years are being crossed off my To Do list left and right. If you notice, I made some more improvements to my website. We don’t really have many ways we can rearrange our furniture in this house, but man, if redoing websites isn’t the equivalent for creatives, I don’t know what is.

Yara turned 6 months old this month (whaaaaaa??) and to mark the occasion she tried solid food for the first time. Okay, second time. She sucked on some old chicken from the floor two days before we sat her in her high chair with sweet potatoes.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m totally looking forward to hanging out with friends again, seeing adults on a regular basis and scheduling more sessions, but I’m super grateful that our life doesn’t completely suck right now.