The First Grandbaby – San Diego Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

March 20, 2020

San Diego Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to photograph more babies. Like yesterday. When I think about the new newborn stage, that time when you still count baby’s age in days and weeks, I can often only think about the physical recovery after child birth. Pregnancy is pretty easy for me, labor is okay, but that postpartum period does me in.

Of course I forget about the bleeding and leaking and exhaustion as soon as I come face to camera with a newborn who did not come from my body. If I wasn’t born with baby fever, it would surely light up every time I come into contact with a warm, squishy little baby whose only desires in life are to be fed and to be loved.

So, if you’re pregnant and in San Diego let’s talk! Don’t know what you would do during an in-home storytelling newborn session? Well, the first thing you’d do is not stress because these sessions are all about documenting the messy glory of those early days in a super low-key setting. Between feeding, rocking, diaper changing and cuddling, there’s plenty of time for you to forget that you’re in the middle of a session. Don’t believe me? Check out this session (be sure to watch the video too!) when the first grandbaby for both sets of grandparents came home from the hospital. Baby Shane, one of the cutest babies in the world (excluding my own of course), got to hang out with Grandma, who was just as excited as Mom and Dad to finally be able to love on him. He also met his furry family before he even saw the inside of his home for the first time. It was love at first sniff.

San Diego Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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