Memories in Motion : December 2016 – Family Photography Mentoring

February 9, 2017

Christmas in July? How about Christmas in February? We hit the infamous 18 month sleep regression in January and all of my work got put on hold, but I’ve finally gotten around to editing my daily clips from December. 2016 already feels like it was ages ago. We started the month out with a visit from Sinterklaas, Arlo getting into EVERYTHING, and finally setting up our Christmas tree. We visited Santa Claus, ate sausages at a German Christmas market, and sat by helplessly as the boys destroyed the ornaments on our tree. Arlo fell in love with Silas’s old cabbage patch doll, Silas made a note for Santa, and they both opened everyone’s presents on Christmas morning. We played in the frost and tested the frozen waters near our house and ended the year with a sleepless night full of fireworks.

I’m no longer shooting daily video clips, but my goal is still to create one new personal film each month this year. I shot a video only Day in the Life in January that I will have up on the blog soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Family Photography Mentoring

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