Harry Potter and Stonehenge – London Pt 2 – Family Travel Photography

February 2, 2017


During the first half of our trip to London (Part One), we spent most of our time riding on double decker buses, visiting museums and exploring the different neighborhoods. While I loved just walking around one of my Bucket List cities, I have to admit that one of my main motivations in visiting London was to make a pilgrimage the Harry Potter Studio tour.

Have you ever noticed my tagline? Capture Magic. That’s most definitely a nod to Harry Potter. Am I obsessed? Maybe a little.

I went to the traveling tour when it stopped in Seattle and Harry Potter World in Universal Studios Hollywood and the WB studio tour in London topped them both. Actually, buying a wand at Universal Studios at Olivander’s was more exciting than in London, but aside from that London wins. If you like Harry Potter even a little bit and you find yourself in London, visit the studio tour! And if you don’t like Harry Potter, well then, we probably can’t be friends.


On our last full day in London, we made plans for a trip out to Witlshire to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stonehenge. I have vivid memories in elementary school of learning about Stonehenge and looking at the pictures in my history book. It was pretty incredible to see in person. As I sat on the grass at the base of this ancient wonder, watching my kids run around, I couldn’t help but feel so grateful for the opportunities that we’ve had these past couple of years. When Silas is in school learning about world history and he sees pictures of Stonehenge in his text book like I did, he’ll be able to say, “I remember that place.” How cool is that??

travel-family-photographyFamily Travel Photography - Stonehenge

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