London Pt 1 – Travel Family Photographer

December 15, 2016


One of the things I was most excited about when we moved to the NL two years ago was the prospect of traveling through Europe. There were a handful of cities that I had dreamed of visiting since I was in high school and they were suddenly thousands of miles closer to me than before. London topped my list of places to see before we move. I don’t know why I initially fell in love with the city from afar, but when I started obsessing about Harry Potter, that love definitely intensified.

In August, we packed up the boys and spent a week wandering through the city, making sure to visit as many Harry Potter related landmarks as possible. If you’re familiar with the first movie, you might recognize Leadenhall Market, the real life location of Diagon Alley. There was a bookstore right at the entrance and I picked up the recently released Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (no, we weren’t able to see the play and I still haven’t had time to read the book). Not pictured below, we also visited King’s Cross station and platform 9 3/4, and saved for another blog post, we took a tour of the Warner Bother’s studio.

We filled in the rest of our trip visiting museums, the Tower of London, THE London Bridge, Fleet Street (ya know, where Sweeney Todd worked), Big Ben and so many more places. There was an incredible contrast between centuries old architecture and shiny new buildings in every neighborhood. It was one of the most exhausting trips we’ve taken, but it was so worth it. If I had to pick anywhere else in the world to live outside of the US, it would definitely be London.


Travel Family Photographer - Leadenhall MarketTravel Family Photographer - LondonTravel Family Photographer -Tower of LondonTravel Family Photographer - LondonTravel Family Photographer - UK

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