Memories in Motion : November 2016 – Photography Mentoring Program

December 29, 2016

Another month, another video. Since I quickly fell into the habit of getting at least one video clip each day in October, I started focusing on using multiple shots of the same scene to help tell better stories in November. Much like the way I approach telling stories with photography, I looked for different angles and details to strengthen my short films. I’ve continued to shoot a little bit of video daily in December, but I find myself moving away from these mini clips and more toward complete stories, things like A Day in the Life or our bedtime routine. I think January might bring a new video project that will help move me along my video journey.

This month I didn’t stress as much about trying to get the same scene shot as a photograph and as video. Doing that in October was great practice for me to really see what medium worked best in certain situations, but in November, I just let the moment inspire me (or not). Sometimes while shooting video, I’d find photographs that I had to take so there was a lot of overlap still, but sometimes the same moment was really boring as a photograph.

It was also during this month that I was especially thankful for my ability to shoot video. I was able to capture Silas’s 5th birthday, at home and at school, in a way that I could never match with just photography. Singing Dutch birthday songs at school, opening presents and blowing out his birthday candles. It made me really excited for so many upcoming milestones. Stay tuned for December’s video!

Photography Mentoring Program

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