Table for 6 – San Diego Family Portraits

December 7, 2016

San Diego Family Portraits

You guys know that I come from a big family, right? Nine kids. I’m the second oldest and in order for our family to function, I had to help out. I grew up knowing how to cook, do the laundry and take care of little kids which I was super grateful for when I moved out and started my own family. No, I don’t want a big family myself. It was fun, but it was also a lot of work and stressful at times. I think I’m done living in a super full house for now.

I remember when my mom gave birth to her fourth child people started commenting about how BIG our family was (not always nicely either). In reality, going from three kids to four wasn’t a huge jump at all. My parents were already outnumbered and my older sister was able to take care of some things on her own. After that, each new baby just fit right in pretty seamlessly every 2-3 years.

When I went to Rebecca’s house for her session, I was reminded of my own family growing up. On the outside, four kids seems like a lot, but their home was filled with enough love and attention for everyone. The kids rotated through the kitchen, helping to prep lunch and set the table. After lunch activities were dictated by the kids. They ran in and out of the backyard a hundred times before playing Pictionary. It was pretty inspiring to see all six of them at the table playing; I can hardly get my two kids to sit for more than five minutes with any activity. I left this session so impressed by how calm, cool and collected everyone was. No bickering at all, even if it was just for the two hours I was there. Whenever I look through the gallery from this session, I’m forced to think about the fact that while my husband and I would be outnumbered with four kids, we would still have enough hands for everyone to hold.

San Diego Documentary Family Portraits In-home
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San Diego Family Portraits In-home
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