Mom of Boys – San Diego Storytelling Photographer

October 25, 2016

San Diego Storytelling Photographer

The weather is cooling down, the rain is picking up and the seasons are changing again. It feels like forever ago that the weather was perfect for a trip to the beach, when it was time for tank tops and sandals and splashing in the tide. During her session, Shannon and her boys took advantage of those warm days and late summer sunsets. Dinner was picked up from a local fish shop by the pier and followed by a short walk down to the water. On the beach, the three boys never seemed to wander far from mom (though to be fair, one couldn’t even crawl yet). Their needs rotated in turn and were met without hesitation. When the youngest needed to nurse, the older two played (nicely!) together. When one needed a band-aid, the baby kicked happily on his blanket. When one needed consoling, the other two were content. If only kids’ needs alternated like that all the time! With one on her back and another in each hand, she led her boys back home with minimal squabbling and enough sand in their shoes and bags to fill their backyard. Who says two hands isn’t enough for three boys?

San Diego Storytelling Photographer Documentary style family session
San Diego documentary style photography family session restaurant
San Diego lifestyle photography family session playing in sand
San Diego lifestyle photographer family session playing in sand

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