Second Pregnancy, Month 5

March 25, 2015


Another month down and halfway done! Month five didn’t feel much different from month four. Getting dressed is still annoying because only half of my regular clothes and half of my maternity clothes fit right. I need my belly to grow just a tiny bit more to fit into my maternity shirts without looking ridiculous. The weather is starting to finally warm up here which is great because my favorite jacket can’t zip up anymore.

Physically, I feel pretty normal most days, not overly tired and not nauseous at all. I’ve been able to keep up with weightlifting like normal until this week when I finally felt like slowing down and modifying just a bit. I didn’t work out when I was pregnant with Silas so I’m excited to see how working out impacts my labor this time. Some days though, just walking gets me out of breath.

My only craving so far has been vinegar. Salty, tangy, sour vinegar. I am consuming ungodly amounts of vinegar and mustard and I did the same thing with Silas. I was also on a banana with peanut or almond butter kick for a few weeks but I think that obsession has passed finally. Seriously, two a day was normal. On really hungry days I was up to three bananas. I also can’t breathe after I eat a full meal or drink too much water. I’m not normally a snacker, but I’m having to adjust my eating patterns already.

Silas is getting more excited about the baby as the weeks go by. My mom is a midwife (she was my midwife with him) and sent Silas a fetoscope and he’s been loving trying to use it to hear the heartbeat. Both Silas and my husband have finally felt the baby kick, something that my husband missed out on last time since he was deployed. We also found out last week that we’re having another boy and we are all super excited! I thought this baby was a girl, but it was really just some wishful thinking. My husband is one of three boys so I’m convinced that any other kids we have will also be boys. I will spend my life fighting to keep the toilet seat down.


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And just for fun, here is 13 weeks-21 weeks. I’m so glad I decided to do this!

Pregnancy Progression 2nd Trimester

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