Second Pregnancy, Month 6

April 28, 2015


I really honestly cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is progressing. When I was pregnant with Silas, I knew how far along I was down to the day at all times. This pregnancy? I’m usually pretty good at remembering I’m X number of weeks each Saturday when I take my progress pictures, but other than that I’m just approximating everything. Silas keeps me busy, work keeps me busy and I like it that way. The downside of course is that I don’t realize exactly how much time has passed and getting dressed is a constant shock since there is always a new piece of clothing that doesn’t fit. Luckily, I’m carrying this little guy high like I carried Silas. It’s great for being able to wear some of my regular pants. Not so great for being able to breathe.

I’m still lifting heavy weights. My belly is starting to get in the way when I do squats and deadlifts so I’m having to adjust a bit, but I feel strong and incredibly empowered. Around 24 weeks I was exhausted and I couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes without being out of breath. It turns out I was low on iron. Once I started focusing on increasing my iron intake, I was back to feeling like my normal self. When I was feeling worn down, being able to continue working out really helped me to identify the extreme exhaustion as a symptom of pregnancy and not an indication of my fitness.

When I took my picture for week 26, I was thinking about how this baby seems much more mellow than Silas was in my belly. I feel him moving all the time, but it’s just softer and less erratic. Between that thought and sitting down to actually write this blog post though, little guy has started beating the heck out of me from the inside. I think I felt him move into a different position a couple of nights ago and since then my stomach has been moving and rolling and jumping around non-stop. It’s so funny to watch!

Next month I’m looking forward to our pool being ready to use! We’re being treated to gorgeous weather more and more frequently as we near summer and it’s making this San Diegan so happy. I’ve been pretty addicted to fruit this pregnancy so I’m also really looking forward to melons being in season and strawberries! We also booked a trip to Dublin for the end of May and I cannot wait to go. It’ll be the last big hurrah before baby comes and then we should probably start getting things ready for him to meet us!



Months 4, 5 and 6 all together! I am absolutely loving being able to see the weekly growth.


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