Tacoma Documentary Photographer – Another Day in the Life

February 10, 2014


A few weeks ago I photographed another Day in the Life with Silas and since then, I’ve had a pretty hard time finding the motivation to go back and edit and blog the photos. When the day started, I was excited to begin shooting our full day again. I always end up with shots that I couldn’t have dreamed up simply because I had my camera right beside me for hours at a time. This particular day however, quickly turned negative and I struggled to keep my camera out.

We started with a mess of hot chocolate and Daniel Tiger on repeat. I’ve memorized every episode, but it keeps Silas happy in the morning while I drink my coffee. After much coaxing, Silas got dressed and went out to the backyard. A few shots I’ve been wanting to get of Silas playing with the chalk were unsuccessful. We went back inside and he helped me work. Sort of. Have I mentioned he only naps 2-3 times per week now? Not great for productivity around here. Dad came home from class and in the excitement, Silas broke the front door knob. This was immediately followed by a meltdown. Of course,  this meant that we now had to make a trip to Home Depot to fix the door. While we were all feeling better after the door was taken care of, I didn’t have enough left in me to keep shooting through our evening. After eating, Silas fed the rats and got ready for an early bedtime and we were all able to finally unwind a bit.

I know that much of our frustrations that day had to do with Silas’ new found independence, persistence and growing curiosity. I set up activities and he ignored them. I’d help him get dressed and he’d take his clothes off. I spent a good chunk of the day trying to figure out how I was going to get anything worth shooting and then I just threw away all of the ideas and plans that I had. Instead of trying to create a nice flow to our day, I followed Silas’ lead and waited patiently for him to inspire me (or tried to at least). This is how life with a toddler is some days. A lot of days. He tests boundaries, he forms his very own opinions and he gets angry with his own limitations. Our days are sometimes a jumbled mess with crazy highs and lows and choppy transitions. There were times when I put my camera away (mostly mealtimes) because it was just too much. Sometimes I forget that I photograph our lives for me, not for an audience (though I love to share). I was frustrated with the results from this Day in the Life until I remembered that it still means something to us and it still is exactly what it sounds like, a day in our life.


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