It’s Not Too Late – Guam Baby Photographer

February 22, 2020

Guam Baby Photographer

It’s a plane! It’s a newborn session! It’s a family session! Actually, it doesn’t matter what you call it! One of the best best best things about storytelling photography for babies is that there are no age limits. We don’t need your baby to be sleepy. They can cry or play or eat (or sleep if they insist). Perhaps you weren’t quite sold on newborn photography while you were still pregnant, but now that you can’t stop staring at your baby, you know you need ALL THE PICTURES. Your cell phone pictures from immediately after birth and now, three weeks later make you cry simply because you didn’t realize how much your baby has changed in such a short amount of time. Newsflash guys: it only gets worse.

So put aside your shame in not hiring someone before baby was here and let me into your home. It’s never too late… except maybe when they’ve grown up and moved out of the house (but even then we can still totally make it work). I’ll capture all of the best parts of bringing home baby that you’re bound to miss between diaper changes, feedings and night wakings. Just sit back and relax on your own couch or in your bed. You just had a baby! You don’t need to do anything.

Oh and video? Yes, yes, yes. A hundred times yes to video for babies. You need to preserve those teeny tiny cries and coos! Can you even imagine never hearing those again once they’re gone and baby has found her lungs? If you NEED video of your baby in your life, let’s chat!

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