Let’s Stay Home – Guam Lifestyle Photographer

February 29, 2020

Guam Lifestyle Photographer

“But my house is too small for an in-home session.” Nonsense! Take this session and all of the other sessions I’ve done in military housing as proof, your house is NOT too small. Is there room for me to stand? Then I can shoot there. I collect equipment (maybe a little too much of it) specifically for its ability to help me shoot in tight, dark spaces so while you might struggle with your own camera or maybe even your phone camera, I come equipped to handle the most cramped quarters.

These sessions don’t have to be fancy. We don’t have to enter every room in your house (especially not the room where I encourage you to shove all of your unfolded laundry and kid clutter). We can hang out in one or two rooms and call it a day. I want juuuust enough of your home to set the stage for the photos and video that will tell your family’s story. The thing that draws you into an image, that thing that will make it impossible for you to look away, won’t be the rooms we shoot in, it will be the connections between the people in those rooms, the real life emotions (happy, sad and everything in between).

Let’s hang out in your tiny home (a regular sized one is fine too), just you and your favorite people like I did with this family. We’ll play with some toys, read a few books and let the kids run the show. We’re on their turf after all. Whether you’re in this home for only a couple of years or you’re staying put forever, your home is the perfect backdrop for your family photos this year.

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