This is Us – Guam Hospital Newborn Photography

February 15, 2020

Guam Hospital Newborn Photography

Oh man. This session. This family. Allllll the heart eyes for these guys. After photographing their maternity session and sweet baby Caroline’s birth, I came back one more time with my camera to freeze these first hours of their life as a family of 6. Was it kind of crazy? Yes. Was it loud? Most definitely (and not because there was a newborn present). Did it perfectly capture life with 4 kids? Absolutely. It was a wonderful mix of big brothers being kind of ambivalent toward their new sister and caring waaaaay more about the cupcakes that they exchanged a few smiles and kisses for and big sister very reluctantly letting anyone else hold the baby (01:18 in the video is peak big sister). It was *kisses fingers* perfect.

When you live literally thousands of miles away from friends and family and it costs thousands (and thousands) of dollars to visit, you do what you can to share those most important moments with your people. Heck, even if every single person who matters to you lives on your street, you do what you can to preserve those memories that are so so fleeting. This baby will only be born once. This baby will only meet her siblings for the first time once. And it was all caught on camera.

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