7 Reasons to Book an In Home Session – San Diego In Home Family Photographer

August 8, 2022

San Diego In Home Family Photographer

If you ended up on this page on purpose, I’m sure you’re wondering… why on earth would someone let a photographer into their home? (And if you’re here by mistake, stick around! You might learn a thing or two anyway.) Storytelling photography is the answer. There is no better place in the world for me to tell YOUR stories through photos than in your home.

I L-O-V-E love storytelling photography. Obviously, right? Otherwise I wouldn’t have made it my literal job. Storytelling photography has the ability to reach into your heart, pull out those moments that make you laugh, cry, or give you goosebumps and slap them on a photograph for you and the whole world to see. Traditional portrait photography shows you what you look like, storytelling photography shows you what you feel. If that’s not enough to make you jump up and book a session right now, keep reading to find out more about why an in home family session will rock your socks off.

San Diego documentary family photographer in home

1. Everyone is happier.

Have you ever met a kid? They love toys, they love snacks, they love being in THEIR own space. Stay at home for your next family photo session and let them be. Let them show me their hiding spots, their favorite games, how they act when they think no one can see them. Give them food when they want it, take a million bathroom breaks, or go to sleep if it’s that time.

And unlike traditional outdoor family sessions, dads don’t have to pretend to enjoy in home sessions. They just get to hang out with the kids like normal, getting them wild and creating chaos, maybe crashing alongside them for a nap at the end.

San Diego In Home photography session messy

2. They’re super low stress.

You can’t be late to your own in home session. You can be ‘not ready’ (and I secretly kind of love catching you still getting ready), but you can’t be late. Your house doesn’t have to be spotless. Your outfits don’t have to coordinate. Imagine having a gallery full of your favorite people just as they are, but also having have nowhere to drive, no traffic to fight, no diaper bags to pack. There’s no worry about getting messy, about kids who need to take a break for a bit, and absolutely no arguing with anyone to get them to smile.

San Diego Lifestyle Newborn Session In-Home

3. Real smiles and real memories.

I’ve had my own semi-posed sessions and while the photos always came out gorgeous, when I look at them I’m reminded first about how I felt during the session itself (which was usually a bit awkward and stressed out!). I would much rather look at photos from a session and remember what life was really like when my kids were that small or when we lived in that city.

Can you imagine looking at the photos from your annual family session and immediately remembering your morning routine from five years ago because its in your gallery? Or how your kids always wanted to build pillow forts right after lunch because you have photos of them doing that? Your family photos can do SO MUCH MORE than just remind you of what everyone looked like. I might guide the planning of your session to make sure we’re covering everything you want to include, but I’m not coaching you and I’m not telling anyone to smile.

SoCal in home family photographer with pets

4. They’re pet friendly!

I don’t know if you know this, but dogs aren’t always the best listeners. Trying to include them in a session at the park or beach can make you question your life choices. But, they are part of the family and thus, part of your family’s story. In home sessions give you the opportunity to include them as much as you want. Also, when was the last time your hamster was included in the family session? I bet it was never.

La Jolla Lifestyle Photographer In-Home

5. Never have to reschedule for weather.

Clearly this one isn’t a huge deal for my fellow San Diegans, but if one of those six days of rain we get per year lands on your session date, you don’t have to worry. Also, that week we get each summer when it’s like 100º? We can stay inside where the ac is blasting.

San Diego In-Home Photographer Kids are weird

6. Kids are super weird.

Oooh kids are so weird and I love it! I don’t think I fully appreciated just how weird kids are until I started photographing my own on a daily basis. A lot of the wonderfully weird things they do are very short lived (like the cardboard robot) and are quickly forgotten. You’ve gotta document it. For posterity.

Bonus: If you want to remember some of the weird things they say or how they mispronounce words, add video to your session.

San Diego Custom Family Photography In-Home

7. It’s the Ultimate Custom Photo Session.

A lot of photographers like to advertise custom photography, but what does that actually mean? Does it mean you can do anything, yes, anything you want during your session? Or does it mean you get to pick between a handful of their favorite outdoor locations and wear outfits based on their curated style?

Okay, so there are a few things I won’t photograph (illegal things, adult things), but if I’m allowed to be there and you want the moment documented thoughtfully and artistically, I will photograph it. If you plan it, I will come. I don’t want you to have my idea of what a favorite activity or memory should look like for your family. I want you to have that favorite memory exactly as you remember it, with all the vibrancy of your real life.

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