Ditch the Dresses – San Diego Maternity Photography

April 2, 2022

San Diego Maternity Photography

Capital c Confession time. I have three kids, a nine year old photography business, and zero maternity photos that I didn’t take myself.

I never got dressed up and stood in a field when I was eight months pregnant with my hair and makeup done. I never even looked for a photographer to do that for me. During my first pregnancy, photography was barely on my radar. I didn’t value it the way I do now. I took a weekly bathroom selfie of my growing belly to send to my husband while he was deployed and that was it.

During my other two pregnancies, years into this photography thing, I took weekly self-portraits and focused on catching (or re-creating) moments that actually happened. Using my belly as a snack table. Needing 800 naps a day. Combining foods that should never be combined to satisfy cravings. Sitting my toddler on my belly, AKA The Baby Chair.

Turns out I wanted photos of myself during pregnancy all along. Like all of the photos I take of my family and yours, I just wanted them to feel real. I wanted to remember what my pregnancies were like, what I loved about them, what I could have skipped. I wanted to remember what I looked like while I lived with this growing little human in my body.

I didn’t want to put on a dress with a 10ft train and twirl around on the beach. It’s not me. If it’s not you either, can I tell you something I wish I knew 11 years ago when I was pregnant for the first time?

There’s another option.

You can have maternity (and newborn and family) photos that feel like YOU. Photos that will highlight life as it changes right in front of your eyes. We’ll leave the dresses and sunsets alone and focus on you, your family and the countless little moments that make this pregnancy so uniquely yours.

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