September 2020 (366)

October 1, 2020

September started off pretty rough, but ended SO much better than I anticipated. Toward the end of the month restrictions on our never ending lockdown started to ease. First certain non-essential businesses (including photographers) were given the green light to start working again. This was a huge relief! Then one of our favorite beaches opened up again. And now we’re also allowed to hang out with friends! Remote learning is still not great, but we’re chugging along (with half an eye on homeschooling).

But also, September will always be about Yara’s birthday for us. The last six months of her first year just disappeared. Something about this pandemic really made the days drag on AND fly by. We had an awesome day even though we couldn’t really do anything super special. She hated her cake and had the audacity to spit it out. I’ll let that one slide though, I’m not big on frosting either. I nailed it with her gifts and planned all of her favorite things (mostly that meant just letting her nurse whenever she demanded). And just like that I have no more babies.