Summer Nights – Tacoma Child Photographer

July 15, 2014

I met Shannon in a mom’s group of sorts a year and a half ago and we have since become good friends (our boys too). Last July, I photographed baby Keenan’s birth, my first hospital birth. It’s been really amazing seeing Keenan grow from the moment he was born. We have this special connection now and when I say special I mean he thinks I’m hilarious and tries crawling or walking to me anytime he sees me. I was really excited when Shannon asked for a family session because this family (and their house!) is beautiful and I knew they would be comfortable around me. This session encompassed everything that I love about family sessions. It was a normal summer evening with dinner and games in the backyard followed by the carefully choreographed dance that is bedtime with a baby and a toddler. It was a happy night with lots of silliness and no tears at bedtime. Nights like this night are numbered. Summer will end and the rain will come back. Bedtime routines will change. A few months from now this night will be forgotten but these photographs will remain to tell the story of one summer evening in 2014.

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Tacoma Child Photographer
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